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Welcome  to  our house, your house ...

We are the family that will welcome you. At our home, an historic Santarem accommodation, we still preserve a hospitable tradition that is our main characteristic. Here you will find friendly people, tranquility and the well being of the old times, as well as the modern conforts to which we are accustomed.

Your stay will be, both for you and for us, a pleasure.

The house arround 1895

The history of the house is closely linked to that of the city. The house prides itself on having the oldest architectural remains in the city, a Roman temple dating back to the time of Julius Caesar ( 1st century bC).


You will also find Arab and Medieval relics carefully preserved and harmoniously incorporated in the tastefully restored house.

the house entrance

During your stay, Cláudia and I (Sérgio) would like you to feel completely at home. If you are in the mood for a peaceful day enjoy the confort of our living room where you can listen to music, talk, watch tv or even surf in the net.

In our dinning room you may have your special breakfast and dine with us. If you are a book lover you will enjoy browsing through the beautiful collection of art and history books in our library. You can also see paintings by local artists in our little art gallery.

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